How to avoid overheating in LG G3?

How to avoid overheating in LG G3?

With all the amazing feature and QHD display, LG G3 is a great device available in the market. However, this powerhouse can sometimes get overheated and makes the phone operation difficult. To keep your device from becoming too hot, follow our provided tips. You may need to install the application “CPU Temperature” to monitor the performance and heating status of LG G3 smart device.

First you need to install the CPU application. Follow the below steps to install the application.

  • Open Google Play store
  • Tap in the search bar and type CPU Temperature.
  • Tap on the CPU Temperature
  • Tap Install and then Tap Accept.

Tips to avoid overheating in LG G3:

  • Regularly check the temperature of your LG G3 using the CPU Temperature app. If it shows the temperature out of the normal range, take the necessary measures.
  • Running high graphic applications can result in heat generation. Check and close all games, especially the application running in the background to give the device a break from the excessive usage.
  • If it gets too extreme, switch your phone off and let it cool, then switch it back on.
  • Make sure to keep the brightness of the phone low. The QHD screen can heat up the phone as well.
  • If you feel your phone is still heating after you took care of the games and brightness, go through your applications, or consider a factory rest. Heavy applications, especially the ones running in the background can heat your phone without letting you know.
  • If nothing solves the issue, this might mean that your battery needs a replacement. Try to change your battery and see if that was the case.

Keep in mind that factory reset will erase all data on your LG G3 smart phone, so make a back-up first and then perform a factory reset. If all else fails, take the phone to a Repair Center. It is important to note that overheating can damage your device, and needs to be dealt with.