Fingerprint scanner bug on Samsung Galaxy S5 and how to troubleshoot!

“Fingerprint scanner did not load, please start up again”

It is observed that with the upgrading of Android 5.0 Lollipop software the system in Samsung Galaxy s5 that drives the fingerprint-sensing element can abruptly fail to load. Moreover, it is more annoying when you do not keep remember your backup password, in this case our troubleshooting steps could be able to help you out.

Follow the Below given steps:

  1. Clear the app Cache:

The best and straightforward answer is to clear the Cache data from Fingerprint Scanner App. To clear the Cache from the app you need:

  • To heading to your phone’s main Settings menu, > Application Manager > Stop > OK > Clear Cache.

I hope that your fingerprint scanner can begin functioning currently. Otherwise, attempt next trick to repair fingerprint bug on Samsung Galaxy S5 device.


2. Should get to remove all data from fingerprint application:

You can precede this technique if you are a rooted user of Galaxy S5; “Titanium Backup” is the simplest app to clear all data from fingerprint app.

  • ‘Titanium Backup’ might be downloaded on the Google Play Store and provides it root access then move to the restore / backup > fingertips entry > Wipe data > OK

Optimistically this trick can fix the bug or as an alternative, attempt subsequent trick.

3. Data Reset of your device factory:

Make sure to make a backup of your necessary data before performing a data reset of your phone factory. To reset the factory you must follow these steps:

  • Move to phone Settings > then restore > factory resets options > submenu factory data reset then begin the procedure for the initial setup on Samsung Galaxy S5 and launch fingerprint scanner.

The factory reset most likely can fix the matter with fingerprint feature. However, if this still does not work, you can attempt following trick.

4. Using ODIN to revive the Stock Firmware

This final trick is a bit difficult however can troubleshoot Fingerprints Scanner on your Samsung Galaxy S5 evidently. During this method, you will need a Windows computer and ODIN (the firmware flashing tool, third party software system of the windows that enables installing the firmware on Android Device).

  • Procedure:

First, you will link Samsung Galaxy S5 to your Windows computer employing a USB cable to your phone and set on a good quality in download Mode by ODIN access – the system partition of your mobile device.

You will see pop up message “Added” With the start of ODIN then while not changing any settings click on AP and use following window, head to the “File MD5” stock firmware and click on Open. ODIN can take few moments to verify the authenticity of the file then “LEAVE CS” message will prompt at the bottom-left corner. Once finished click on “Start” at the bottom of the windows screen, the box in the higher left corner of ODIN will prompt the “Pass”and the Galaxy S5 will restart automatically with functioning Fingerprint Scanner.