Bubblews - Social network that pays it's user

Bubblews – Social network that pays it’s user

Yes u heard it right !!! It’s the next level of social networking where  you are paid for every post u write , the number of views & the comments as well. to stay afloat in the competitive world of social media.This is the newest trick from the hat

Bubblews is a website where you can ‘earn‘ money with online writing. So How does this really works

When you share on Bubblews, you're paid for every Like, comment and unique view your post receives (but not writing the post itself). Like other social networks, users write about a broad range of topics, from the World Cup to gardening tips

The website claims to earn on the views, likes and comments – called the traffic. It also claims to share 50/50 with you, without any means to verify this claim.

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I managed to find out some of the payment details:-

BubblewsPaymentsSoFar paymentdata


Bubblews has nothing new to offer to it’s user’s in terms of the overall  environment of the website & the user experience


bubblews homepage

The social network isn’t really that new; it was founded in the fall of 2012. Dixit and Zuccari.

Acc. to  Bubblews.com is changing how the world perceives social networks by creating opportunities and connecting individuals across the globe in order to create a self-sustaining ecosystem, rather than building a business that only benefits a few.

So, if u love writing content , you can create some money out of it at Bubblews