7 Fixes to Critical Battery Life after upgrading on iOS 7.1

Apple digital devices are considered as most competitive digital gadgets in tech market so there battery life is considered to perform proficiently as well. Critical battery life issues in iPhone and iPad have been observed after iOS 7.1 upgrading. If you are also experiencing such issue in you iPhone or iPad’s battery and thinking about switching your smart device’s battery, hold on! Here are some things you can try to fix your Apple device’s low battery life issue:

1.     Turn off auto refresh of Background Apps

Background App refresh is a new feature that keep refreshing apps in the background, so instead of refreshing, you can find the updated data every time you open an app.

This iOS 7.1 features aims to ensure good battery life, but it seems this feature has been failed to deliver whatever it proclaimed. As a first step,you have to disable refreshing app in the background. Follow given below steps to turn off this feature:

  • Head to Setting >General>Background App> turn off all apps individually


2.     Turn your iPhone’s Screen Brightness Down:

It is easier to up and down the screen brightness with iOS 7.1 Control Center. You can choose‘Auto Brightness’ option and this feature senses your need of brightness according to the display. However, if the question is your iPhone’s battery life, then it may be necessary to disable this feature and to set the brightness to the lowest level.

3.     Turn 4G LTE OFF:

LTE carrier settings do not change by design in iOS7.1. You may need to disable it in order to get better battery life on iOS 7.1, if you are on the edge of LTE coverage. To turn 4g LTE off you must follow these steps:

  • Go to Setting on your iPhone, then to Cellular>Enable LTE> OFF

4.     Turn Air Plane Mode ON:

A good temporary solution is to Turn Airplane Mode ‘ON’ during your work hours if you want battery of your iGadget to last longer.

5.     Restart The IPhone or I pad:

Sometimes all you need for a better battery life is giving a normal restart to iPhone or iPad, if you have not installed any new programs or changes to be approved. To restart the device you have to:

  • Hold down the power button to appear the slide to turn off the option
  • Wait for the completion and commissioning of the iPhone.

6.     Reset all settings:

If your iOS 7.1 battery was good in the beginning but now drop sharply, you will need to reset the settings of the iPhone. This is not a restoration, so you will not lose data or apps, but it will give you a clean slate for WiFi, Bluetooth and all user settings. You need to follow these steps:

Go to Settings>General Settings>click reset>reset all settings

7.     IOS7.1reinstallation:

IPhone system restoration is the best and last option for drain battery issue on iOS 7.1 cannot be resolved by other means. This will erase all data from your iPhone or iPad so backup before going ahead and save the last. To back up to the PC and iCloud account you need to

  • Turn off iPhone and head to settings>iCloud>Find my iPhone>then off

Once back up is done

  • Click restore In iTunes
  • Follow the instructions and iOS 7.1 will restore the installation

Restore the data, when completed re installation, from the back up to get your things back on iPhone or iPad.