6 Tips on iOS 8.1 Battery Life Issues and How to Modify

An iPhone’s battery time depends on the usage of a user and normally it goes around 10 to 12 hours. So, if your iPhone, which is running on iOS 8.1, going just around 8 t0 10 hours; it means your battery life must having a problem and you must need to resolve this issue. Here are 6modification tips that you can try before heading on battery replacement.

1.     Find the iOS 8.1 Apps Eating Your Battery:

What you have to do prior is to find the IOS 8.1applications,eating your Smart phone’s battery. Stop iOS 8.1 applications, which are using battery more than usual, from running in background like Facebook and games. You can also switch to flight-mode, during your working hours or if Wi-Fi is inaccessible. Follow these steps to find out apps consumption of your battery:

  • Go to Settings >2. General Settings >3. Battery Usage


2.     Turn Off Background App Refresh:

Smart app refresh in the background will use more battery life.This one is very beneficial to resolve IOS 8.1 drain battery issue to turn down or off app refresh in background using Apple.

Follow these steps:

  • Settings> 2.Refresh General App >3. Turn off app using more power

3.     Stop Auto Brightness:

IPhone and iPad includes a feature to adjust the effect of light based on your environment, which is meant to save your smart phone’s battery life but it is preferred to stop this Auto Brightness feature or set it on Low.

Follow these steps:

  • Settings>2.Display and Brightness >3.Auto Brightness > OFF

4.     Reset and Restart Phone:

If you find that the iOS 8.1 battery life is very short and your iPhone is heating up excessively, you need to reset or restart.

Follow these steps to reset:

  1. Hold the iPhone ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ buttons for about 10 seconds

To Restart:

  • Just hold down the power button and slide off for normal restart

Resting your iPhone will not remove any of your data, but sometimes this is to set whatever draining your iPhone battery life.

5.     Reset all iPhone Settings:

Resetting all settings of your IOS 8.1 will not affect your data but it can handle major problems draining the battery life in a few hours and you will see improvements in your iPhone’s battery life.

You need to go:

  • Settings>2. General Settings>3. Reset Settings

6.     Restore and Update iOS8.1:

If none above tactics works, you may need to reinstall iOS 8.1 by way of updating.It will completely erase your phone’s data and setting so must keep data backup. You can restore from a backup once the re installation or update completed, but if the problem does not cut, will have to do it once more to restore from a backup.

Follow these steps to restore and update iOS 8.1:

  • Turn of IPhone>2. Settings >3.I Cloud >4. Find my Phone >5. Off